111 Tank

can Canada
Blocker, Pivot
Current Team
Team Canada, Mont Royals
Past Teams
Horreurs Boreales
March Man-Ness, Mohawk Valley Cup, Battle of Bunker Hill, MRDA Ranking, MRDM Championship, World Cup
2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017


This sweet guy has been part of the Mont-Royals for 5 years now. How many players did wake up the next day after a game, with the strange feeling that they were crushed by… a Tank! He likes strategy and team work, but can’t stop himself from hitting with a nice placed shoulder hit when the occasion is too obvious. His “finish him” move : to block you with his strong chest!

Battle of Bunker Hill

SeasonTeamWin Ration
2016Mont Royals0
2017Mont Royals0

March Man-Ness

SeasonTeamWin Ration
2016Mont Royals0

MRDA Ranking

SeasonTeamWin Ration
2011Mont Royals0
2012Mont Royals0
2013Mont Royals0
2014Mont Royals0
2015Mont Royals0
2016Mont Royals0
2017Mont Royals0

MRDM Championship

SeasonTeamWin Ration
2016Horreurs Boreales0.00