101 Ju’ppercut

fra France
Blocker, Jammer, Pivot
Current Team
La Poutine, Mont Royals, Team Canada
Past Teams
Farine Five Bros, Horreurs Boreales, La Poutine
March Man-Ness, Mohawk Valley Cup, MRDA playoffs, MRDA Ranking, MRDM Championship, World Cup
2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

The legend: Born in an ORGANIC’s label farm, fed with tender seeds and fresh air, he had for only company during his childhood a wild and fierce herd of horned beasts. Don’t trust his calm demeanor on the track, from his former life surrounded by savage beasts, he kept the nanny goat’s agility and the strength of the billy goat! Beware his horns’ hits!

Favorite catchphrase, blasphemy, swear: Holy cow!

Your favorite poison: Goat milk

What I did last Tuesday: Saw an “how to milk a wild cow” documentary. Was exciting, got a bit horny!

When I don’t play derby… I try to catch my own tail.

March Man-Ness

2016Mont Royals

Mohawk Valley Cup

2018Mont Royals

MRDA playoffs

2017Mont Royals

MRDA Ranking

MRDM Championship

World Cup

2018Team Canada