The Men’s Roller Derby Montreal League (MRDM) is a derby operated non-profit organization run by its members.

Yet, MRDM membership comes at a cost (more information about that below). Each one of us is a volunteer and every dime we can make will go in the league’s hoard for (but not limited to):

  • Renting the track where we practice every week
  • Renting the arena for our home games
  • Sending our travel team on the road when playing outside Montreal

Here are some of the different status orbiting the league, and how to become one of us.


Thank you so much for being here, to attend our games, finding and following us on the interwebz’ countless social medias out there, to buy (or offer) our t-shirts, and, last but not the least, to buy our beers! Your support means the world to us. So big hairy high-five to you! You have good taste! Be sure we will be there to deliver amazing derby shows!


Can you watch the show AND help at the same time? Sure you can! And we definitvely can use some heroes here! All you have to do is raise your hand or wait for our bat-signal. Usually we make some sort of announcement just before the season starts. Derby season is from March to September.

If you ever need a reason to help out: you will get a free pass for the next game!

Derby 101

Whether you are new to derby are a confirmed skater, there are 2 ways to join our league.

  1. Attend Whiskey Derby every Monday evening and take our required minimum skills test, there is one every 3 months
  2. Attend MTLRD Bootcamp and take their required minimum skills test, one every year

Whiskey Derby

Whiskey Derby is a time slot managed by MRDM and open to all (men , women, juniors) to use the track at their disposal. So pick up your skates and let’s roll!

Usually our home teams and travel team practice during this time. Depending on your level you can always join the home teams and learn from their coaches. Note: you won’t be able to practice contact!

Some useful informatons:

  • Monday evening: 7pm – 9pm
  • Taz: 8931 Avenue Papineau, Montreal, QC H2M 2G2
  • Bus: 45
Junior Adult
Cash Card Cash Card
1 session 5$ Charges are
per transaction
10$ Charges are
per transaction
3 sessions 15$ 21$
3 months 50$ 70$
6 months 100$ 140$

You don’t have any roller skates or protective gear? Drop us a line and give us you size. We have spare, be sure we will find something for you! That being said we urge you to get a mouthguard.

Minimum skills

To become a member, you will have to take our minimum skills exam, on skates and written (it is always a good thing to know the rules!) Tryouts take place 3 times a year: February, June, and October.


Whatever your level is, the MTLRD Bootcamp is a shorter yet intensive training program. You will go through 5 modules from early beginners to advanced contact in derby, and learn rules on the way. To take part in this you will need to be 18 or more. Sessions are twice a week for 2 months, and it starts in September. This boot camp is set by the girls but men are more than welcome!


Here are the terms for becoming a full-time member of the league:

  • Be 18 years old or more
  • Pass the required minimum skills test
  • Be covered by the Canadian Roller Derby Insurance (CRDi)
  • Read and sign the League Bylaws
  • Pay the membership annual fee
Annual membership fee 520$*

* We also offer a 2-installments payment


You have come a long way! Congratulations, you now are a Fresh Meat and proud member of MRDM! Next step: local teams’ draft.


Our derby season starts in March and ends around September. Off-season is from November to February. Up to you what you will be doing in October!

Home teams

Players are drafted during the off-season, yet whenever a new player is joing the league, he or she will drafted by the coaches after a few weeks training with us..

Travel team

Same as the Home Teams, if you feel experienced enough for the tryouts, you will be given the chance to join the Travel Team. Here comes the road trips and exotic citiesm such as Ottawa, Toronto… or Boston, Philly, and NYC!


Many a players, past and current, have joined the ranks of TeamCanada🍁. Maybe you’ll be the next!