53 Fraid Austere

fra France
Current Team
La Poutine, Mont Royals
Past Teams
Farine Five Bros, Les Studs Olympiques, Syndicat, The World
Mohawk Valley Cup, MRDA playoffs, MRDA Ranking, MRDM Championship
2016, 2017, 2018

The legend: Product of love between a rabid squirrel and an impassive bear, he’s too fresh to boast about his collection of trophies ripped from the flesh of his supposed victims, but he can’t wait to reach and show his full potential : you’ve been warned!

Why I play derby? For me, it’s a reminder of American Football, that I played a few years ago: a north-american sport, with heavy contact (controlled collision) and individual strategy with a collective goal in mind; and that gives it that orchestred chaos look. But on skates! And this is my new new challenge…

Favorite catchphrase, blasphemy, swear: It’s Chocho Time!

Your favorite poison: H2O 85%, C6H12O6 10%, NaCl 5%

What I did last Tuesday: I’ve washed my gear (yeah, actually some people do that!), and prepared my weekly DIY sport drink : what an exhilarating life !

When I don’t play derby… I don’t understand the meaning of that…

Mohawk Valley Cup

2018Mont Royals

MRDA playoffs

2017Mont Royals

MRDA Ranking

2017Mont Royals
2018Mont Royals

MRDM Championship