81 Bulkhead

can Canada
Current Team
Farine Five Bros, La Poutine, Les Studs Olympiques
Past Teams
Horreurs Boreales, La Poutine
MRDM Championship
2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

The legend: BULKHEAD is Horreurs Boréales’ very proud captain . He wants you to know he also speaks French, in fact he did not speake English until he got rescued from his Windigo horde by a Potato farmer on a night of aurora borealis… Been trying to skate since then…

Favorite catchphrase, blasphemy, swear: F**k, c**t, Laval

His favorite poison: Beer and scotch, vodka cosmo with a straw if no one is watching

Last Tuesday I… went to a dance show at place des arts with Saturdave.

When I don’t play derby… I drink beer and watch the game.

MRDM Championship